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The Inspection
The process begins with a thorough inspection of the structure to include: attic, crawlspace, basement, roof line, exterior foundation, living area, and all other problem areas. The purpose of the inspection is to: Identify the species of the problem animal, locate the entry points, create a plan of action, estimate the time needed to make the necessary repairs, estimate the time needed to trap and relocate any remaining animals and to assess the entire situation. All factoring into the final estimate for services. There may be a fee for the initial inspection depending on the situation (location, time, urgency), that will not exceed fifty dollars in any case as long as the structure is in the Atlanta Metro area. You will be told of any such charge during the initial consultation before setting the appointment, and the inspection fee will be waived in full if any further services are purchased.

The Cleanup
After the rodents have been sealed out of the house and completely eliminated from the interior, all that remains is the clean up. Rats can make a horrible mess in a very short period of time. They do not have a bladder to hold body fluids so they are continually releasing droppings and urine. The adult roof rat can leave anywhere from 50-100 droppings in a single day. Over any extended period of time at all, especially if they haven't been regulated in one form or another, an infestation of rats can leave thousands of droppings and numerous things saturated with urine in its aftermath. They will pull down insulation in crawl spaces and basements and mat down insulation in attics, covering the insulation with a disgusting combination of urine and feces. They will chew into boxes, bags, and any other container accessible to them and destroy the contents, often leaving the homeowner shocked upon discovery by the amount of carnage. It can leave the poor recipient in shock, not knowing where to start or what to do to deal with the left over mess.

We offer a feces removal, decontamination, and deodorizing service for basements, crawl spaces, attics, drop ceiling areas, and garages that have been ravished by disease spreading rodents. We will go through the entire contents of the space, and with your consent, throw and haul away anything you would like us to. We will vacuum all of the droppings and gnawing debris created by the critters. Once that is complete we will decontaminate the space by covering it with an in house safe disinfectant that will be area sprayed on to ensure complete effectiveness of the product. Then we will treat the area with a specially formulated deodorizer specifically made to break down the toughest odors including urine, feces, and dead animals. We will also guarantee the cleanup along with the exclusion. If any animal accesses the cleaned area, we will cover the charges for another complete cleanup.

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