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Squirrel Removal, Repair, and Exclusion

The Inspection
The process begins with a thorough inspection of the structure to include: attic, crawlspace, basement, roof line, exterior foundation, living area, and all other problem areas. The purpose of the inspection is to: Identify the species of the problem animal, locate the entry points, create a plan of action, estimate the time needed to make the necessary repairs, estimate the time needed to trap and relocate any remaining animals and to assess the entire situation. All factoring into the final estimate for services. There may be a fee for the initial inspection depending on the situation (location, time, urgency), that will not exceed fifty dollars in any case as long as the structure is in the Atlanta Metro area. You will be told of any such charge during the initial consultation before setting the appointment, and the inspection fee will be waived in full if any further services are purchased.

The Exclusion
The exclusion work on a house or a commercial building is a very extensive process. It is a matter of inching around the entire building, top to bottom, and sealing any possible holes, gaps, vents, cracks, or any other construction related deficiency that allows animals access to the structure. The most common problem area is the construction gap in the roof line. This is where the decking (sheeting) under the shingles, meets the fascia board (the trim board that your gutter is attached to). In many cases, the builder will leave a gap there for additional ventilation. If you go into your attic during the day and turn out the light, you may be able to see the exterior light shining brightly through the gap. If rats or squirrels have made their way into your attic, this gap will need to be sealed anywhere you have gutters hanging. That will prevent the persistent critters from regaining access by chewing additional holes elsewhere. All vents leading into the house will need to be sealed properly including gable vents, attic vents, crawlspace vents, and appliance vents to name a few. The crawlspace/basement door, in a lot of cases, will need to be repaired or replaced. All gaps in the mortar larger than a dime will need to be repaired. Any place that pipes or wires have broken the integrity of the foundation or roof line needs to be sealed properly to prevent further access.

Trapping and Relocation
Once the inspection is completed we will give you an overall assessment of the situation that will include a trapping strategy. We do not, in any way or form, use poison as an animal control method. For rats we use variety of different traps. Along with the repairs, snap traps are the most effective and the most efficient way to deal with a rat problem. In some cases we use glue or live cage traps. For Squirrels we use cage traps and excluder traps (one way door). All of our trapping services will include the checking of traps regularly to assure there are no suffering animals or disturbing odors. All squirrels, raccoons, and opossums will be relocated to a safe, natural habitat, at a distance of at least 10 miles from the customers location.

All full exclusion jobs performed by us will include at least a one year renewable warranty. In most cases, depending on the condition of the house and the severity of the problem, a two year renewable warranty will be issued. The cost of the warranty renewal fee will be $50.00 for a one year renewal and $95.00 for a two year renewal. The warranty will be transferable for a $95.00 transfer fee. All customers will be contacted at the expiration of their warranty and will have the choice whether or not to renew at that time. All renewals and transfers will include a new inspection to make sure that there has been no recent activity. Unlike most other companies, We will guarantee not only our repair work for the entirety of the warranty, but also no future animal caused problems. We will cover any and all expenses related for us to return to repeat the process of the exclusion until the problem is once again solved. The only circumstances that will void this warranty are: if you or any other person, whether it be a roofer, gutter installer, hvac tech, chimney tech, or handyman physically alter the repair work that we performed allowing re-entrance to the nuisance animals. If an animal chews a new hole through any place not sealed by us, we will cover the cost of the repairs, trapping and additional visits needed to solve the problem. We feel it is our responsibility to recognize vulnerable areas and to take necessary measures to prevent further entry. If you read the small print on most companies warranty policy you will see that the warranty only covers the repair work that they performed. If they fail to seal all appropriate areas and an animal chews a new hole in these locations, they will charge you to comeback and repair the new hole and re-trap the animals. Even though it was there incompetence that lead to the reentry.

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